Little Falicity- Chinmayi Haldar


Little Falicity- Chinmayi Haldar

Introduction This a little girl who is known as Falicity goes on a tough journey without her mother but with her loving father, So I would like to introduce a normal life of a rich little girl.


Once upon a time, There was a little girl called Falicity. She lived in San Franscisco and was a rich merchant’s daughter who had give anything to her but Falicity was not greedy and only spent some of her father’s money. One night there was a huge storm. The place was flooded and Falicity’s mother who was down stairs drowned and died. Falicity got very sad. Her father had to move to Venice so that they could get away from there misery. When they got there Falicity saw it as a happy place. They went on a boat (Veince is known to have watery roads) and after a while, their very big house in front of them.

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